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Wedding Information

We can host small weddings at any of our large homes, depending on the size of your event and the type of wedding that you envision.  Please enjoy this page for information about licensing, catering, florists, and photographers.

The Little Mountain Lodge - This is one of our bride's favorite wedding sites.  This home can accommodate 31 guests overnight and up to 50 people for a wedding.  There is ample parking and there is a side yard with a cement pad for a casual, yet elegant ceremony.  Most brides choose to host an outdoor ceremony, but an indoor ceremony is possible as well.  

The Lodge at Carolina in the Pines - This site is perfect for an indoor ceremony ini the Fall, Winter, or Spring.  The great room is large with floor to ceiling windows on both ends to bring the beautiful trees and mountains into your ceremony.  This home can accommodate 28 guests overnight and up to 50 people for a wedding.  There is ample parking, but limited space for an outdoor ceremony.  

Sometimes, couples choose to celebrate their ceremony offsite and simply use one or two of our homes to accommodate family members or the wedding party.  We always welcome sharing the house with your guests for a rehearsal dinner or a brunch following the wedding.  Some couples opt to host the ceremony at another location and retire to one of our homes for the reception.  Any of these options are fine with us as long as you get pre approval and the total number of your guests does not exceed the stated capacity of the homes for events as outlined above.  For 'open house' events, please count the total number of guests who will be visitinig the house, versus the number of guests in the house at any time.

Getting a marriage license in Summit

Colorado offers some lovely options for guests
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