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How you want to solemnize your marriage is your choice.  The office where you get your license can provide you with a sample of how to fill out your Certificate at the time of application.  If you require assistance in how to take the other party’s last name in your signature, ask a staff member.  There are three different routes:

  • Civil Ceremony: Overseen by a judge, retired judge, magistrate or another official certified to oversee and solemnize marriages.  To set up an appointment with a Summit County Court judge, you’ll need to make an appointment in advance by calling (970) 453-2272 or visiting the Clerk of Courts window at the Justice Center at 501 North Park Avenue during business hours.  The judge will perform your ceremony and sign the Marriage Certificate.

  • Religious Ceremony: Overseen by any ordained individual.   The Officiant will perform your ceremony and sign the Marriage Certificate.  If you have an Ordained Officiant of your choice from outside of Colorado, there are no requirements/paperwork/certifications for your Marriage License application with our office.  They do not need to be present at the time of application, the office that processes your marriage license will provide the you with a sample to show the Officiant how to sign the Colorado Marriage License properly.

  • Self-Solemnization: Overseen by the parties to the marriage themselves, without an Officiant or Judge.  This is a wonderful option in Colorado for couples opting for an intimate and personal ceremony who do not have an officiant in mind.  You can 'marry yourselves' with witnesses present.  Many couples choose to have a favorite uncle or special friend guide the ceremony to achieve a completely personalized event.  More information about this can be found through the office where you get your license.

When the Marriage License has been filled out completely and signed, return it to the Clerk & Recorder's office to be recorded.  You can mail it back to them by mail.  Please note that we do not accept U.S. Mail to their physical address, only UPS or FedEx.  If utilizing U.S. Mail, please mail it to the P.O. Box.  By Colorado law, you have 63 days to return the License.  The license will be recorded and any certified copies made and returned to you.  

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