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Marriage Licenses


You can get your marriage license in advance of your wedding at 208 Lincoln Avenue in Breckenridge.  Visit this website for information:

Marriage Licenses expire if they are not used within 35 days from the date of issuance, so apply no earlier than 35 days before your ceremony.  The Clerk & Recorder's Office is not open on weekends.  If you have planned a weekend ceremony, you’ll need to come into the office prior to your ceremony during the week.  We are unable to backdate Marriage Licenses.

Application & Payment

Give yourselves the better part of an hour to apply for your Marriage License.  Save some time and fill out the application at the website above COMPLETELY.  Both parties to the marriage must be present at the time of application with valid photo ID that displays date of birth such as: Driver License (any State), Military ID, Passport, State-issued ID card.  We cannot accept Birth Certificates, Baptismal Certificates or Foreign Consular IDs.  You do NOT need to bring/show us your Social Security card, but you will need to submit your Social Security Number on your application.  Cost is $30 for the application and to receive to the License.  Certified copies cost an additional $3.00 each.


Each situation is unique, here are some “what-if’s”:

If one person can’t make it to the application, fill out this Absentee Affidavit.  Important: have it notarized and bring it into the office with a clear copy of the absent applicant’s ID.

If you’ve been married before, we’ll need some additional information.  Check out the application for exactly what information they will need.  If you've been Divorced multiple times, or Divorced and Widowed, please only provide us with the most recent event information.

If you don’t have a Social Security Number, you’ll need to fill out a Social Security Number Affidavit and submit it at the time of application.

You want certified copies: we highly recommend purchasing at least three certified copies at the time of application for $3.00 each, especially if you plan on changing your name.  You can always purchase more at a later time.  When it comes time to pay for your License, they'll give you the opportunity to purchase some.


They accept cash, checks with photo ID and debit/credit cards.  Please note there is an additional convenience charge for debit/credit cards.


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